Paleo Challenge Week 6: What I Ate  

Easy Roasted Chicken

Week 6 has come and gone. We have less than 2 weeks left, party people! Praise Jesus. This is stressing me out. Mostly because I want our gym to win, and since I won’t really help the team in terms … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Week 5: Carb Up!

Eat All the Carbs!

Apologies are in order. To everyone who has interacted with me in the last month: I’m sorry. Straight up, I’ve been a hot mess. I’ve been cranky and irritable, crashing and burning during my workouts and throughout the work day. … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Week 4: What I Ate        

Easy Paleo Challenge

Week 4 came and went, and I still can’t feel my arms from Boomsauce. Kewl. However, I am happy to report no cheats this week! Even at Oktoberfest with these basic bitches. Perk of being sober: You never miss a … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Week 2: What I Ate

Paleo Cabbage Rolls

Week 2 was exceptionally more difficult than the first week. Can I get an amen? My schedule was a little off during a couple of days, which didn’t help. But I also really craved salty snacks. I miss plantain chips. … Continue reading