Buffalo Amore: Share the Love

Buffalo Amore Cookbook

Guess what a little stork dropped off me for today? My first cookbook! Well, it’s not really mine. I’m just featured in it. And my friend, Matt, is definitely not a stork, but still…it’s exciting! This is part of Galbani’s … Continue reading

Bruschetta Breakfast Cups

The best purchase of my life.

You know it’s summer in Buffalo when everything sweats. Even inanimate objects, say 45-pound bumper plates, for example. Our gym is air conditioned – praise Baby Jesus! – so I’m not complaining. I’m just saying…you know it’s summer in Buffalo … Continue reading

Primal Summer Pasta Salad

Primal Pasta Salad

People often ask, “When did you know you wanted to be a writer?” To be honest, I tell them, I’m not sure. I always loved to express myself on paper. Now, on screen. It’s genetic, I suppose – an inherent … Continue reading

Man Shoulders, Thighs and Knees, Oh My

Memorial Day Murph

We all have these days. Much like Regina George, I, too, suffer from man shoulders. Resist the urge to comment, and let me explain. I love them. I’m not depressed. Or angry. Or sad. Or fishing for compliments. I’m accepting … Continue reading

Friday Five

PJs and plantain chips required.

1. I have tan lines. Winter is officially over. Therefore, I have hope, Buffalo. This will be a great summer. Andddd to kick off summer, I have to plug something ruhl quick. The Emerging Business Leaders of Western New York, or … Continue reading

A Man Of Integrity


Tonight, my youngest brother Derek graduated from St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, N.Y. As I sat there, listening to his classmates give the Salutatory and Valedictory, I experienced a wave of emotions. I am proud of Derek. And incredibly … Continue reading